Dental Bridge

dental bridge at smile doctor dental clinic
Dental bridge with neighbouring teeth reduced

Dental bridge is a type of fixed prosthesis made to replace missing teeth.
It is cemented on the supporting neighbouring teeth and is not removable.

Dental bridges usually requires the neighbouring teeth to be reduced in order to receive the bridge.
As it does not require surgery and takes a relatively shorter duration for fabrication, it has been a popular choice to replace missing teeth.

However, neighbouring teeth might need to be root canal treated in some situations to prevent post operative sensitivity.
It will also need special care to clean beneath the bridge to prevent decay on adjacent teeth.

As with dental crowns, there are a few materials to choose from, mainly Full metal, Porcelain fused metal or Zirconia bridge.

Types of materials with its advantages and disadvantages can be found here

full metal bridge at smile doctor dental clinic
Full metal bridge
porcelain fuse metal bridge at smile doctor dental clinic
Porcelain fuse metal bridge
Zirconia bridge

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